Meet The Management Team

The team at Wellbeing Group love their work.

Wellbeing Group have great relationships with our customers.  We enjoy revitalizing workplaces and you can be sure there’ll be lots of chat, plenty of coffee, and every now and again, some free biscuits!

The team at Wellbeing Group do everything they can to be available when you need them.

They’re only a quick call away and are always happy to offer advice, support and handy hints.  As it’s always nice to put a face to a name, here is the management team – before and after their morning coffee!

Before Coffee
After Coffee

Adrian has over 30 years’ experience in the food and beverage industry and brings invaluable experience and insights to the table for both Wellbeing Group and our customers.  Adrian ensures quality remains consistent in every aspect of the business and is always looking for ways to improve our service offering and make life easier for our clients.

Favourite Quote: "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself"

Hot Beverage of Choice: Hot Chocolate

Before Coffee
After Coffee

Fred's greatest strengths are his inspiration, creativity and innovation. He thrives on challenges and enjoys taking the initiative to expand the company’s reach.  He’s always banging the drum about 'revitalizing workplaces' because he’s passionate about our mission and loves helping business owners, managers and professionals, from all walks of life, to provide their staff and visitors with refreshing experiences.

Favourite Quote: "The decision to decide is a decision in itself."

Hot Beverage of Choice: Café Latte with sugar please.

Before Coffee
After Coffee

Lincoln is not only a barista and expert in speciality coffee,  but he is also an expert in looking after our customers’ requirements.  If you need a guru’s opinion on how to revitalize your workplace, Lincoln’s your man.  He always goes above and beyond to ensure you have a solution that will wow your staff and visitors.

Favourite Quote: "The distance between dream and reality is called action"

Hot Beverage of Choice: Café Latte of course made by moi

Before Coffee
After Coffee

Richard is responsible for the efficient running of the operations department and ensures our service team are always meeting our high standards of customer care.   With over 16 years’ experience in the service industry, he is perfectly placed to provide professional support to our customers and is not happy until we’ve achieved 100% customer satisfaction  (currently 96%).

Favourite Quote: "No Problem"

Hot Beverage of Choice: Latte

Before Coffee
After Coffee

Stuart is our longest serving team member and is responsible for preventative maintenance and servicing schedules. If there were ‘3 P’s to describe Stuart they would be Passion, Politeness and Perfection.  He is an extremely effervescent character and brightens up everyone’s day – in fact so much so a client once mistook him for a revered motivational speaker and upon arrival he was ushered in front of an audience before he could explain he was just there to see to the coffee machine!

Favourite Quote: "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud."

Hot Beverage of Choice: Mocha

Before Coffee
After Coffee

With umpteen years of experience in all things mechanical, Jerry expertly manages our installations and reactive maintenance.  As he enjoys his coffee so much, he knows what it’s like to be without it! – so sets himself to ensure your equipment is always in good working order.  Nothing is too much trouble for Jerry and when he is not working he’s up flying his plane!

Favourite Quote: "Change your thoughts and you change the world"

Hot Beverage of Choice: Coffee