2000WM Bulk Filter Coffee Brewer  

2000WM Bulk Filter Coffee Brewer

The Bulk Filter Brewer B2000WM is a wall-mounted model, so you can make coffee at a central place and serve it locally.

The containers are easily moveable using one of the trolleys from our product range. We also supply a broad range of stackable containers; double-walled and with among other things, a gauge glass and a non-drip tap. Also available with a double tap, as insulated model and as tea container.

The Bulk Filter Brewers are the most effective choice for dispensing exceptionally high volumes of fresh coffee as quickly as possible. The latest technology means consistent quality drinks at high demand can now be combined, providing freshly ground coffee with no time delays for canteens, restaurants or functions.

This machine is ideal for peak moments such as the interval in the theatre or the coffee supply in the hospital. Quickly and easily large quantities of coffee, brewed in convenient, moveable containers that enable you to serve coffee at any moment and at any place you want.

The machines have a built in timer so that you don’t have to be present whilst the coffee is being brewed. The coffee will be ready when you get there.

Available from: £17.37 on lease per week


  • Delicious, Fresh Filter Coffee
  • Stainless Steel Filter Pan
  • Housing For A Robust And High-Quality
  • Coffee-Is-Ready Signal
  • Integrated Timer
  • Adjustable Brewing Time For Optimum Extraction
  • Maximum Safety: Container and Swivel Arm Safety
  • Hot Water Tap
  • Brackets to mount on to the wall

Optional Accessories

  • Trolly
  • Various Containers

Recommended Capacity:

720 cups per day


Approx 40 Litres per hr

Canister Capacities:

Holding Capacity: 90 Litres (720 cups)

Brewing Time: approx 14 mins / 20 Litres


Height: 781 mm

Width: 1125 mm

Depth: 593 mm


Electricity Supply

Up to 400V, 50/60Hz, 15.1kW

Water Supply

3/4” Bsp, With Isolation Valve.

Drink Options

  • Fresh Filter Coffee
  • Hot Water

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