Romeno Classic Filter Brewer  

Romeno Classic Filter Brewer

The robustly designed Romeno Classic Filter Brewer enables you to quickly brew your desired amount of fresh coffee with exceptional ease, in almost any location.

With a manual fill and mains-fed systems available, you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee anywhere at any time.

This quick filter equipment is designed in high-quality stainless steel with black accents and is supplied with filter decanters and flasks as appropriate.

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Available from: £2.99 on rental per week


  • Freshly ground filter coffee
  • Coffee of consistent quality
  • User friendly and low maintenance
  • Hot plates to maintain ideal coffee temperature
  • Cost-effective hot drinks solution

Optional Accessories

  • Base Cabinet
  • Payment Module

Recommended Capacity:

500 cups/day


18 Litres (144 cups per hour)

Canister Capacities:

Holding Capacities: 2 or 4 Decanters (24 or 48 Cups)

Brewing Time: 5 minutes per decanter


Height: 424 mm

Width: 214 mm

Depth: 391 mm

Drink Options

  • Fresh Filter Coffee

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