Juice and Smoothie Vending Machines

Promote the 5-a-day concept in your workplace by introducing a 100% fruit juice machine to really help boost everyone’s wellbeing. With no artificial colourings or preservatives in any of the juice refill packs we supply. Our smoothie and juice machines really do offer that extra burst of Nutrition that we all need in fast pace life simply and conveniently.

Fruday Juice Vending Machine

Fruday juices are made from 100% pure fruit. Feeling good has never been so easy!

From £10.75 on lease per week

Fruday Smoothie Machine

Fruday smoothies and are made from 100% pure fruit.

From £5.00 on lease per week

Commercial Juice and Smoothie Vending Machines for Lease, Rental or Purchase

The Wellbeing group offer our Smoothie and Juice vending machines on rental, lease or purchase. This enables you to choose the best financial option for your requirements. If you’d like to provide something fresh, tasty and a little interesting too, give Wellbeing a call today on 01905 337 187 for friendly advice on our range of smoothie and fruit drinks machines.

Benefits of Juice and Smoothie Vending Machines

Offering a little more than the usual hot beverages is a real bonus. By adding healthy but tasty cold drinks you can have something for everyone. A smoothie and fruit machine can

  • Provide real choice in the workplace or for your customers
  • Promote and support a healthy workforce
  • Ensure there is an easy way to feel good at work
  • Add something a little different