Messina Pro Dual Bean to Cup Coffee Vending Machine  

Messina Pro Dual Bean to Cup Coffee Vending Machine

Messina Pro Dual vending machine (bean to cup) brings the coffee shop directly to you.

Serving a delicious range of high quality hot & cold beverages with exceptional efficiency.  The patented touch screen interface is akin to many consumer electronic devices with large drink button icons.  The wallpaper graphic system with LED backlighting allows the machine to be transformed for different environments.

The Messina Pro Dual bean to cup vending machine. provides a varied menu which includes continental coffee blends directly from the bean, fresh leaf teas, the finest freeze dried coffees and indulgent hot chocolate drinks. Using the in-touch system the consumer can fully customise the drink, altering the amount of milk / sugar and varying the strength of the coffee / tea.

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Available from: £29.24 on lease per week


  • Inbuilt energy learning technology
  • Integral hygiene
  • Cup sensor - use your own cup
  • Elegant and durable glass front
  • Variable grind - Professional consistent coffee
  • Large open serving area
  • In-touch intuitive selection panel
  • Removable soluble product containers

Optional Accessories

  • Three graphic wallpaper designs to choose
  • Supports various payment technologies
  • USB connection - Text Alerts

Recommended Capacity:

Up to 120 cups per hour

Canister Capacities:

Coffee Beans: – 1400g / 175 cups

Leaf Tea: – 1800g / 720 cups

Milk Powder: – 2700g / 675 cups

Milk Granules: – 1300g / 325 cups

Chocolate: – 2700g / 135 cups

Sugar: – 3500g / 583 cups


Width: 700 mm

Depth: 710 mm

Height: 1830 mm




Electricity Supply

240v, 50Hz, 13 amp single phase

Water Supply

3/4” BSP, with Isolation Valve

Drink Options

  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso
  • Coffee
  • Latte
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Decaf Coffee Options
  • Milk / Sugar Options
  • Strength Option
  • Mocha
  • Macchiato
  • Hot Water
  • Chilled Water
  • Carbonated Water
  • Flavoured Syrup

Additional Drink Options

  • Real Leaf Tea
  • Real Espresso coffee

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Messina Dual Bean to Cup Coffee Vending Machine

Bringing the coffee shop directly to you, providing genuine espresso coffee and real leaf tea at the touch of a button.

Average Cost
From £20.47 on lease per week

Messina Pro Instant Hot Drink Vending Machine

Provides a complete hot beverage menu including freshly made tea. Free standing vending machine

Average Cost
From £25.69 on lease per week