Fruday Smoothie Machine  

Fruday Smoothie Machine

Promote the 5-a-day concept in your workplace by introducing a 100% fruit smoothie vending machine to really help staff chill out healthily.

With Fruday, we’ve made it easy to have 2 of your 5 a day in one delicious, refreshing drink.

Fruday smoothies and are made from 100% pure fruit. There are no nasty ingredients or sneaky E numbers in there.  Feeling good has never been so easy!

Available from: £5.00 on lease per week


  • A delicious way to 5 A Day
  • A great new profit generator
  • Low outlay, high return
  • Easy to install, use & clean
  • Easy to store
  • Low on waste
  • Low carbon footprint

Optional Accessories


    Width: 240 mm

    Depth: 532 mm

    Height: 929 mm




    Electricity Supply

    240v, 50Hz, 2.5Kw,13 amp single phase

    Water Supply

    3/4” BSP, with Isolation Valve.

    Drink Options

    • Fruday Orange Juice
    • Fruday Apple Juice
    • Fruday Tropical Juice
    • Lemon & Lime Syrup
    • Blackcurrant Syrup

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    Messina Pro Dual Bean to Cup Vending

    A+ energy rating free standing vending machine, dispenses bean to cup and real leaf tea.

    Average Cost
    From £29.24 on lease per week

    Fruday Juice Vending Machine

    Fruday juices are made from 100% pure fruit. Feeling good has never been so easy!

    From £10.75 on lease per week