Billi Quadra Plus 9 Water Dispenser  

Billi Quadra Plus 9 Water Dispenser

Billi Quadra Plus 9, instant boiling and chilled filtered water system plus sink mixer tap

Billi Quadra Plus 9 allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Billi’s boiling and chilled system and more.

This Billi tap eliminates the need for an under bench hot water service. It is the ideal solution where only a cold water supply is available, as it features a separate sink mixer tap which draws hot water off the Billi unit allowing it to function as the hot water service for the mixer tap as well as providing boiling and chilled drinking water through the Billi dispenser.

Available from: £19.37 on lease per week


  • Space efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • No Cupboard Ventilation Required
  • Safety switch
  • Splash free delivery
  • Premium filtration

Optional Accessories

  • Standard XL Levered
  • XT Touch or XR Remote dispensers available

Cold Water Capacity:

175 cups/hr (based on cup size of 170ml)

Hot Water Capacity:

9 Litres

Cold Temperature:

6° C - 15° C

Hot Temperature:

50° C - 92° C


Height: 340 mm

Width: 315 mm

Depth: 465 mm


Electricity Supply

240v, Standard 13A plug

Water Supply

3/4” BSP, with Isolation Valve

Current Draw

10 Amps

Option 1


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