At Wellbeing Group, our mission is to revitalize workplaces. We do this by providing premium solutions to refresh, revive and re-energise workforces across the UK.
About Wellbeing Group

Who are Wellbeing Group?

Since our foundation

Wellbeing Group has enjoyed consistent year on year growth by providing real values and supplying quality products at the right price on time.

Wellbeing always strive for excellence in value, trust and service, which has been the key to building so many mutually beneficial relationships with long-standing customers.

Ongoing business and product development

Wellbeing’s quality of service, enabling us to provide clients with the latest technology in efficiency, ergonomics and environmental benefits.

As a vital member of the FirstSource Group

One of the fastest growing refreshment consortiums in the marketplace, Wellbeing Group offers an exceptionally high quality of support that positions us as number one in the minds of customers right across the UK.

What do Wellbeing Group do?

“Our Mission is to Revitalize Workplaces”

Wellbeing Group achieve this by:

  • Helping workplaces to provide innovative, invigorating, and accessible refreshments.
  • Supplying a portfolio of products that anticipate and satisfy the desires and needs of our customers.
  • Striving to become a first choice supplier by building an outstanding reputation through reliable, responsive and highly personal customer service.

Why choose Wellbeing Group?

It is widely documented that workplaces who invest in the wellbeing of their personnel come out tops every time. 

We know only too well that a well-nurtured and motivated workplace will produce an inspired and high achieving workforce. 

For more great reasons to choose Wellbeing Group and check out what some of clients have to say, visit the Why Choose us page.

Where do Wellbeing Group operate?

Wellbeing Group operates from two principle locations in the UK.

The Manchester Depot Services which covers:

The North West, North East, North Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland.

The Worcester Depot Services which covers:

The Midlands, South Wales, South West and South East including East Anglia.

Both locations offer quick access to main routes, enabling a first class guaranteed next day delivery service nationwide.

Our skilled team of service engineers are located strategically around the UK, for rapid deployment to customer locations as necessary.