Industrial & Anti Fatigue Matting

Industrial & anti-fatigue matting are important ways of reducing occupational risks

Providing a comfortable working environment and improving productivity levels. Anti-fatigue matting can be extremely useful in industrial settings where conditions may be dry, greasy,
wet or oily or where static electricity is prevalent.

Standing for long periods of time…

on cold, hard floors causes general fatigue plus a host of other health complaints. These conditions, coupled with slips, trips and falls lead to decreased productivity, absenteeism and ultimately cost employers millions each year. Wellbeing Group industrial mats are designed to reduce these occupational risks to a minimum and create a safe, comfortable working environment.

Why choose Industrial & Anti Fatigue Matting?

Industrial mats are designed to reduce occupational risks and create a safe, comfortable working environment that in turn will boost productivity levels. They are able to alleviate stress from the lower back and leg joints, increase concentration productivity and work comfort. They can promote good posture and muscle movement which increases blood flow to the heart.

Up to 80% of workers who stand at work suffer from backache, headaches, poor circulation or knee and foot problems.

Research has proved that using an anti-fatigue mat during an 8 hour period reduces tiredness and increases comfort by 50% in comparison to a hard floor. The matting encourages posture change and insulates the feet from temperature extremes and vibration, often reducing levels of absenteeism by up to 30%.

20% of accidents in the workplace are caused by slips, trips and falls.

Anti-slip surfacing or raised duckboards can eliminate these risks by keeping feet off wet, slippery floors.
Breakage of delicate items and tools can be costly and troublesome to clean up.

Matting can be utilised to protect both floors and equipment.

Benefits of Matting in your workplace

  • Protection – prevent the damp and dirt from damaging your interior flooring
  • Presentation – keeps your workplace presentable by reducing interior soiling
  • Publicity – utilise bespoke logo matting designs to promote your brand message
  • Productivity – boost employee output levels with anti-fatigue comfort matting

If you require any help or advice in selecting matting for your workplace, please to do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

Ensure you choose the correct solution for your requirements. Wellbeing Group supply many specialist and bespoke matting solutions.

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