Frequently Asked Questions

If you cant find an answer to your question, then please Contact us directly and one of our friendly customer service representatives will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Your new water dispenser or coffee machine can be installed within five working days, from your request if required.

NO not at all, it’s a no obligation free trial. Only if you decide to keep a machine will you be required to sign a contract, as you would any other lease or rental purchase.

Yes. Wellbeing Group, supply coffee beans, filter coffee and instant coffee, along with milk, tea sugar and hot chocolate. Wellbeing Group offer next day delivery on consumable orders placed before 2pm. Free delivery is available on all orders over £150. You can even place your consumables order online using our simple system.

Most people opt for three or five-year contracts, however, we are flexible and offer bespoke packages to suit our customers. Please contact us today so we can draw up a package that suits you.

Yes we provide free training on all Wellbeing Group water dispenser and coffee machines. Wellbeing Group equipment is very user friendly. We also provide full training on our traditional coffee machines, if required.

This depends on the type of coffee you require. Below are guidelines of average costs per cup.

Espresso – Bean to cup = 11p

Fresh – Filter coffee = 7p

Soluble – Instant Coffee = 6p

We provide three main options; however, no two businesses are the same. Contact us to find out the best package for your business.

Outright purchase – Maintenance package available

Lease – Maintenance package available

Rental – Includes all service and maintenance

Wellbeing Group fully cover all of our clients machines and provide prevented maintenance.

Our maintenance packages include

  • Two services per year
  • Any required call outs
  • Full after care service

Wellbeing Group except payment by

  • Cheque
  • BACS
  • Any major debit cards

Rental – contracts are invoiced every 6 months.

Lease – contracts are invoiced quarterly.

Instant coffee, also called soluble coffee, is a beverage derived from brewed coffee beans. Instant coffee is commercially prepared by either freeze-drying or spray drying, after which it can be rehydrated. On average a cup of instant coffee from a machine costs around 7p.

Fresh speciality coffee, also called bean to cup is the freshest purest form of coffee, the same as you would purchase from your favourite local coffee shop. Which would cost around a few pounds per cup. Wellbeing Group specialise in commercial bean to cup coffee machines which provide the same quality coffee straight from the bean in seconds at the push of a button. On average costing 11p per cup.

Filter packs or coffee pods, are freshly grounded coffee, sealed for freshness, that provide fresh pre grounded coffee, that work with our Flavia filter pack coffee machines, these machines are the most expensive per cup costing 25p per drink.

We offer a large selection of coffee equipment, from bean to cup machines to complete vending options!  With all that choice you may require some help. For some advice call our experts, on 01905337187, who can help you select what you really need.

Key points to consider:

Decide what kind of drinks you and your team require such as tea, coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate.

The number of people that will use the machine.

If the beverages will be free or you wish to charge for the drinks.

The quality of the beverages you require

The Arezzo is one of our best sellers due to a number of reasons such as reliability, it’s easy to maintain and offers speciality bean to cup at the touch of a button.

The Arezzo machine can operate either from a plumbed in point, or can be manually filled with water, so it can be located just about anywhere you need a hot beverage! Furthermore, it can be custom branded.

Coffee capsules are sealed pots of ground coffee which are individually packed. These hygienic, self-protecting capsules protect coffee from air, light, humidity and heat, ensuring that coffee is always at its best – 100% fresh and easy to store. The capsules (also known as pods and/or cartridges) contain just enough coffee for one shot and are mess-free. So, you don’t have to worry about investing in a grinder, a knock box or a tamper; the coffee is always the correct grind.

Quick and easy to use and simple to maintain, capsule coffee machines use innovative systems that work in a similar way to a filter – but much faster. They are perfect for making speciality coffees such as espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. The machine pierces the capsule and forces hot water through to make an espresso. All you need to do is wait for the coffee to pour into your cup. Wellbeing stocks a wide range so we are sure to have something for everyone

After placing your order with Wellbeing Group, your water cooler or water coolers will be delivered within 5 working days.

You won’t need to install any of our machines; our trained engineers will carry out the initial set up.

It is a good idea to plan where you would like the cooler/coolers to be positioned so that once the suitability of the positioning has been checked the installation is quick and simple.

If you require assistance with this, our experts can come to your premises and carry out a free onsite assessment.

External cleaning and regular cleaning of the drip tray will make sure your water supply is hygienic, although it is strongly recommended that you do not use harsh detergents.

Like domestic water systems, regular use of the dispenser will flush the pipes and taps. However, to ensure that our water continues to taste fresh and pure we will carry out a regular sanitisation.

There’s no arranging required. Each water cooler service is logged so we know when your water cooler is due for sanitisation which is every 6 months for plumbed in water coolers.

It only requires between 20-30 minutes to service the water dispensers and we shall notify you when the sanitisation is due to ensure that this is at a convenient time.

If you find that your package no longer suits your requirements it is easy to add machines to your contract. If you email or call us, Wellbeing Group can adjust your package to fit you needs.

Traditional water coolers with the blue coloured water bottle on top. These are referred to as “bottle-fed” or simply “bottled” water coolers. You may be less aware that it is possible to get coolers that source their water from your mains supply instead of bottles.

In addition to cooling your water, they also filter it – providing great tasting water. This type of cooler is usually described as “plumbed-in” or “mains-fed” water coolers. Both types of water cooler are suitable for most environments including building sites, offices, schools and colleges.


Quick Comparison

Bottled Coolers Plumbed-in Coolers
Cost of Cooler Lower Higher
Cost of Water Cost per bottle and delivery Free*
Installation Incredibly easy Easy
Location Near electricity supply Within 25 metres of plumbing
Piping None Easily Hidden
Water Delivery Easy to manage Automatic
Environmental impact Low Lower
Water Quality Excellent Good
Designer Coolers Available Yes Yes
Sanitisation Required Yes Yes
Servicing Required Yes Yes


Still not sure on what the best option is for you, take advantage of our free no obligation 14-day water dispenser trial. Our expert team will make an informed assessment on your requirements and you can try absolutely free with no obligation or contract

Wellbeing Group bottled and plumbed-in water coolers offer many water options, everyone wants chilled however, for the second tap you have 3 options:

Hot – like a conventional hot tap but hotter. Ideal for cups of tea or coffee. Having the hot option is slightly more expensive and if you are working to a budget you also need to consider the additional electricity costs.

Ambient – the water is neither chilled nor heated. Whilst not for everyone, drinking ambient temperature water has been proven to rehydrate your body quicker than chilled or hot water.

Sparkling – this option allows you to have sparkling water on tap, which is great if you are a hair salon or restaurant and offer it to clients as it’s much more cost effective than buying in smaller bottles.

Once you have decided what type of cooler you want (bottled or plumbed-in), you need to choose a model. As a general rule you pay more for looks, cooling power and build quality. At Wellbeing Group, you have the choice of standard or premium models.


Premium water coolers typically cater for more users. You should consider the rate of water cooling (usually reported in litres per hour). Our models have an excellent cooling rate.

Looking good

Our premium range is designed for style and is ideally suited to customer facing areas such as reception. If looks are less important to you, then choosing a cheap water cooler option with less expensive finishes will keep your costs down.

Built to last

As service and repairs are all part of Wellbeing Groups customer service, you can be assured that it is in our interest to give you a quality water dispenser that is going to give many years of reliable service. There are “cheaper” models available elsewhere, but the lifetime cost of these are usually much higher.

Free-standing water coolers are the traditional choice and probably remain the ideal solution if you have space.

Desktop versions were devised in response to those with smaller space. They are ideal for sitting on a kitchen work surface or any other situation where space is limited.

A bottled water cooler may supply ‘mineral’, ‘spring’ or simply ‘drinking’ water.


Must be suitable for drinking with only very limited permitted treatments, must show a long history of stability and go through a formal ‘recognition’ process.

Spring waters

Must be suitable for drinking with only very limited permitted treatments

Drinking water

Water which has been filtered to remove any chlorides.

Wellbeing Group supply natural mineral water which is bottled at source from the rolling hills of the welsh countryside. The water is then filtered to purify it further before it makes its way to our bottling plant where it can be distributed throughout the UK.


Rental contracts typically include installation, ongoing servicing and repairs.  You are covered for any call outs should you water cooler need engineer attendance outside of your water cooler service schedule.


Some suppliers simply sell water coolers and then encourage you to make your own arrangements to service the cooler.  No consideration is given to servicing and repairs so you risk a large bill and finding someone to fix the cooler for you if required.

Wellbeing Group offer service and maintenance packages which can be taken out at the time of installation of your water cooler.  For those who prefer not to take out a maintenance contract, we can still look after your cooler on a pay-as-you-go basis, as and when you require service and maintenance.


The same as buying the machine outright except you pay for the machine over 3 or 5 years, ongoing maintenance is chargeable.

Wellbeing Group

Whatever you choose Wellbeing Group always include water dispenser delivery and installation.

Providing bespoke plans for both Leasing and Outright purchase, offering very competitive service maintenance contracts for those who wish to buy their water cooler.

Water dispensers that aren’t properly looked after may become a health hazard. If not maintained water coolers can break down easily, as a result regular maintenance is required.


The process of cleaning water dispensers is known in the industry as sanitisation. Your Bottled Water cooler needs sanitising once every three months. A plumbed in water cooler needs to be sanitised every 6 months.

Servicing & Repairs

Periodically some of the cooler parts – especially those parts permanently in direct contact with the water – will need replacing. Plumbed-In coolers have a few more parts that need to be changed, and this should be taken into consideration when deciding what type of cooler you want, especially if you are buying rather than renting.

Whilst most well maintained coolers will give you many years of excellent and uninterrupted service, problems do occasionally occur. In this event it is important to employ the services of a professional and ideally you want this cover as part of your overall package, to avoid huge unexpected bills on parts on labour

Wellbeing Group

We believe prevention is better than cure and therefore operate a preventive maintenance scheme, which means we automatically visit and service your machine when it is due, this is included in the price of our rental agreements and water cooler maintenance packages.