Coffee machines for hospitals, the perfect solution!

Coffee Machine for HospitalsWellbeing Group has unveiled new contactless touchscreen technology for coffee machines, designed to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in a post Covid-19 world.

Partnering with leading manufacturers has allowed us to bring this technology to the market place to help offices and hospitals reduce touch points on their hot drink making facilities.

The touchless technology, known as ‛distance selection’, allows the user to select their drink from 2cms away from the screen – without physically touching it!

The system forms part of Wellbeing Group’s long-term ambition to make tea points safer, cleaner and healthier.

So which coffee machines is this technology available on and which coffee machines are most suited for the healthcare environment?

The Aviano bean to cup coffee machine has the touchless technology and would be suitable for hospital staff rooms.  This would allow staff to quickly make drinks between shifts and reduce the need to wipe the machine after each use, saving costs of wipes and the environmental impact.

If a payment system is required, a Nayax contactless system can be fitted or otherwise, a simple coin module can be fitted to the side of the machine to take coins and tokens.

For communal hospital area, the Aviano Maxi would be a good option as it is suited for high volume areas with its huge ingredient canisters.  This machine can be supplied with a base cabinet for the coffee waste to fall through into.  This coffee machine also has the touch free option so users can avoid touching the screen when they choose their hot drink.

We have supplied coffee machines and water cooler to many NHS trusts throughout the UK, including the Worcestershire NHS, Gloucestershire NHS, Hospitals in the South West, Wales and South Coast.  We have several packages available to suit any NHS requirement with special ingredient packages thrown in as a gesture to allow free drinks to be served when the machine is installed.  We are used the invoicing procedures of the NHS and a dedicated account manager is at hand to ensure we meet the requirements to help both parties avoid delays on payment and reduce admin times.

To find out more about coffee machines for hospitals or to get a quote, please feel free to contact one of our friendly team team.