How To Decommission Your Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Bean to Cup machine

It is a time of uncertainty for us all and it is possible you may have to leave your coffee machine inactive for an unknown length of time.

We have put together these steps for decommissioning your machine. This will prevent any unwelcome odours, build-up of bacteria or risk of leaks whilst not in use.

If you have a Granulated Milk Coffee Machine:

  1. Do routine daily espresso & instant whipper bowl clean
  2. Open machine, remove & empty the milk and chocolate canisters.
  3. Ensure all the product is removed and replace canisters
  4. Switch OFF power at the mains electric socket
  5. Remove manual fill water tank (if applicable) & empty any water and refit the tank
  6. If the machine is plumbed in, turn the water supply to the machine OFF, ideally at the point where we have taken the water supply off the mains. Normally this is a simple quarter-turn of the on/off tap.  Various tap options in the ‘off’ position are shown on the guide below:
  7. Remove the drip tray and coffee waste bin & wash out with hot water
  8. Refit the drip tray
  9. When coming to use the machine again, please ensure to turn the water supply on BEFORE the power supply. This will prevent the inlet valve burning out.

Ensure when the machine is recommissioned, it undergoes a cleaning cycle run through before consuming any drinks.

For more detailed instructions with helpful images, please download our Granulated Milk Coffee Machine Decommissioning Guide