How to operate a Touchless Water Dispenser

Touchless water dispenser lifestyle imagePresenting a Touchless Dispenser for Drinking Water which is safe, affordable and very easy to use

Requests for touch free water dispensers are becoming increasingly common and here at Wellbeing we have been innovating over the past few months to derive a suitable solution.

Currently there are two options available for an entirely hands free water cooler; the first is a simple lever tap where you push you cup against the lever to dispense the water and secondly the more clever invention is the foot pedal operated water cooler.

Pedal Operated Water Dispenser

Foot pedal operated water dispensers are now available for our Nebraska Sport and Nebraska Elite machines.

This hands-free dispenser foot switch is the best way to eliminate the risk of contamination of touching water dispensers.  This can be retro fitted to some of the newer models of the machines or supplied as a new kit with new machines.  There are 2-way and 3-way pedals available depending on how many dispense options the machine has.  Once the pedals are fitted, the normal touch selection on the water cooler will still work as usual.  These machines have several types of water available including ambient, chilled, sparkling and hot so there’s something for every office environment.

How does a contactless water dispenser work?

  1. Place cup under dispense nozzle
  2. Press pedal of desired type of water
  3. Pour into cup and release pedal once satisfied with the volume dispensed


Lever type dispenser

The lever type dispenser is fitted to our Colorado mains fed or bottle fed water cooler and very easy to use.  Water is dispensed as the cup is pushed against the lever without your hand touching the machine at all.  Whilst a very low cost option, we feel that it isn’t the most hygienic option due to the fact that the users cup may not necessarily be a clean cup when pressed against the lever and therefore could pass on infection the next user.


To find out more about the touchless water dispenser, get in touch with our team.