Bottled Water Coolers

Keep your organisation healthy and hydrated with our bottle fed water coolers, available in both floor standing and counter-top models. Whilst Wellbeing Group don’t usually recommend bottled water systems due to the extra costs, safety and environmental impact that bottles can create for our clients, we also understand that bottled water coolers can play a very important role in delivering refreshment to areas where there is no accessible mains water supply.
A bottled water dispenser gives you great flexibility. Systems can be sited to suit you and work particularly well in waiting rooms, break out zones and reception areas.

Colorado Elite Bottled Water Cooler

The Colorado Elite Bottled Water Cooler is the ideal drinking water solution for establishments with no mains water available.

Litres per hour
Max Users
Water Choice
From £2.49 per week, or please contact us for a purchase price

Nebraska Classic Bottled Water Cooler

The Nebraska Classic Bottled incorporates stylish design and innovation to create the perfect bottled water cooler.

Litres per hour
Max Users
Water Choice
From £2.99 per week, or please contact us for a purchase price

Bottled water coolers for lease, rental or purchase

The Wellbeing group offer our Bottled Water Coolers on rental, lease or purchase. This enables you to choose the best financial option for your requirements. If you are having difficulty choosing between a bottled water cooler or a mains fed water dispenser for your workplace, please call us today for free friendly advice on 01905 337 187.

Why Choose a Bottled Water Cooler?

Designed with flexibility in mind, bottle fed water coolers can give you the benefit of:

  • Chilled, ambient or hot water
  • Integral cup holders so there’s plenty of drinks to go around
  • User-friendly push-lever taps
  • Sleek, robust design
  • Shrouded taps for added hygiene and to protect against damage