The Best Independent Coffee Shops in Manchester

Looking for the best cafes in Manchester?

Well, you have plenty of good coffee to choose from! We’ve rounded up our 10 favourite coffee shops for you to visit:



Takk Coffee House

Want to be taken away to Iceland or Scandinavia with just a sip of coffee? Located in Manchester’s Northern Corner you’ll find the Takk Coffee House, a creative space with a friendly environment that welcomes anyone and everyone, whether you want to meet, talk or get your head down to work. It’s up to you. This Nordic Inspired Artisan Coffee House has been shaped and formed from travels around Scandinavia and Iceland, and offers some of the best cups of coffee, not to mention the delicious food. Fancy a coffee on your lunch break? Why not try their signature and unique Nordic Style Espresso?



Pot Kettle Black

Looking for quite simply amazing coffee and food? Well, we think you should venture on down to Pot Kettle Black located in Barton Arcade. Whether you want to fill that hole in your tummy, or just need your coffee-fix, this place has got you covered. Let their talented Baristas make you a cup of coffee that will take you to beverage heaven. Their friendly team and cosy atmosphere will certainly make you want to return.



Nexus ART Cafe

Do you have a love for art and coffee? The Nexus ART Cafe is the place for you. This not-for-profit establishment located in the heart of Manchester has combined creativeness with non-alcoholic beverages and craftsmanship. This is the perfect place to head if you’re looking for a relaxed yet fun atmosphere. Regular events and art exhibitions are extremely popular here, the delicious cups of hot coffee are just a great bonus!



Sugar Junction

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you’ll want to head over to Sugar Junction where you can enjoy a scrumptious slice of cheesecake with your afternoon tea or cup of coffee. This vintage inspired establishment just down the road from Piccadilly Gardens was born from the love of baking, they will serve your homemade slice of cake or fresh sandwich in China plates and teacups to take you away from everyday reality and back in time. Open late with a fully licenced cocktail bar, this place offers you everything you could possibly want in a coffee shop.



Junipers Coffee Shop

In the heart of Chorlton is another coffee shop possessing nothing but exceptional customer service, and customers that visit and certainly return! With a hint of spanish flavours, and smiles all around, this place couldn’t be more perfect for your brunch and coffee. With a high reputation of providing nothing but the best coffee in Chorlton, this has to be added to your list of places to visit asap!



19 Cafe Bar

Open your appetite and take a trip to 19 Cafe Bar. Breakfast, brunch and lunch, and a delicious cup of coffee to go alongside it, what more could you want? From open bagels to delicious pancake stacks, this is the perfect place to come for a taste of Brooklyn. Located in the heart of the Northern Quarter and serving only locally roasted coffee, this is definitely one to try.



Java Bar Espresso

Java Bar Espresso is Manchester’s oldest independent coffee shop. ‘Java’ being the slang word for ‘coffee’ in the states, incorporating Italian coffee and a European past, this is one historical coffee shop you’ll want to visit. Located in Victoria Station, this place opens especially early just for you on your way into work, and closes late for those of you making your way home.



The Bus Stop Cafe

With nothing but great reviews, you’ll want to check out The Bus Stop Cafe in Urmston, and if you’re wondering why the name? Well, you’ll happen to see a big bus stop sign when you visit. Owned by twins, Andy and Chris aim to provide nothing but excellent customer service with a side of the best quality coffee and food. Run by an extremely close-knit family, there is no doubt about how that reflects in the cafe’s cosy and friendly atmosphere.



Ziferblat Edge Street

Hidden away on the first floor of what seems like an ordinary office block in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is the biggest Ziferblat branch in the world. Their home away from home. This wholesale, roastery and coffee shop work closely with global green coffee merchants to make sure that the coffee they serve has been sourced and harvested in the most sustainable and ethical ways. You’ll want to try it.



Ancoats Coffee

You can not only nip into this trendy coffee shop located in Royal Mills, you can also buy their coffee beans to take home with you so that you can continue to enjoy the great taste. With its stylish decor, feel-good-vibe and of course, delicious coffee, you’ll certainly want to return to this hidden gem.


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