Introducing WellSan – Hygiene for your Workplace.

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Wellbeing Group are pleased to introduce WellSan – a new workplace hygiene range to help workplaces stay ‘Covid-Secure’.

The WellSan product offering comprises of the following product ranges:

WellSan offer a range of hand sanitiser stations to meet every need for your workplace. From floor standing sanitiser stations to wall mounted versions, and even touchless, pedal operated and Luxury models! There is the opportunity to have corporate and bespoke branded stations made in efficient time frames. Please reach out to our friendly advisers if you need any help or assistance deciding which model will be best for your needs. All sanitiser stations are suitable with our WellSan hand sanitiser ranges.

Hand Sanitising StationLuxury Sanitiser Station 5L

Hand Sanitiser

Our range of Hand Sanitiser gels & liquids have been carefully curated to provide the best application for every requirement. From 100ml personal hand sanitiser bottles, to 5 litre sanitiser refills for sanitiser stations; every need is catered for. Our specially formulated alcohol-free sanitiser is also perfect for schools and environments where alcohol based or flammable materials are not permitted. WellSan hand sanitisers are certified to the relevant standards, include WHO recommended formulations, as well as being kind and caring to the skin.


Our range of sanitiser wipes and sprays include antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial products. All products are proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and direct contact viruses on all hard surfaces.  Antimicrobial products are safe for use with food preparation and drinking water appliances, and are effective at leaving surfaces protected 24 hours. Also effective at low temperatures and able to outlast all leading disinfectants as well as being non-corrosive – so no rinse is required.

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