Should I Choose Fresh Milk or Powdered Milk For My Office Coffee Machine?

Choosing The Best Commercial Coffee Machine

With the coffee shop industry going wild in the UK, the demand for good quality coffee in the workplace is ever increasing.  In a coffee shop you would expect to be given a coffee made with fresh milk as this added to a good quality espresso makes an excellent drink.  Most businesses look towards a commercial bean to cup coffee machine to provide their coffee as it isn’t practical or cost effective to have a traditional espresso machine and employ a full time barista.  The other question often asked ‘is fresh milk or powdered milk the best option’?  While fresh milk gives a great taste and milk texture there are other points to consider i.e. hygiene, storage, wastage and the actual cost per cup.


All fresh milk machines require daily cleaning of the milk pipes and storage tanks with a cleaning fluid and this can be required several times a day in warmer weather. A separate milk fridge situated next to the coffee machine will prevent the milk going off but this will need cleaning too which creates extra work for the office staff.  If the cleaning is neglected, there is a risk of bacteria establishing in the milk pipes which will clog up creating a headache for anyone wanting a milky drink.


Fresh milk is expensive and bulky too as each drink uses a lot, for instance when making one hundred 12oz drinks you will require approximately 60 litres of fresh milk, that’s 30 standard bottles of milk and an office of 40 staff would easily consume 100 drinks per day.


At the end of each day there will mostly likely be some milk left in the container which is poured down the drain, add this up every day and that’s a lot of wastage.


This leads on to why we should choose granulated milk for our office coffee machine. There has been a vast improvement in powdered milk products in recent years and the invention of Mook granulated skimmed milk means that ‘whitener’ has become a thing of the past. Granulated milk added to hot water in a machine gives a thick velvety milk with exceptional flavour , it’s the closest thing to fresh milk you’re going to get and it’s healthier!


A case of granulated milk is easy to store, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and a case will make over three hundred 12oz drinks.  Each drink has a measured amount of milk dispensed from the machine and it can be left in the canister for days which means there is no waste. If the packet is unopened the shelf is over 12 months.


The daily cleaning is greatly reduced and usually consists of rinsing the mixing bowl to prevent any build up of ingredients.


Some examples of suitable machines for your office are given below:


Fresh milk commercial coffee machine options:

Jura Giga X8 – up to 175 drinks per day

Jura JX8 – up to 100 drinks per day


Granulated milk commercial coffee machine options:

Arezzo – up to 70 drinks per day

Aviano – up to 250 drinks per day


At Wellbeing Group we have a range of machines on display so feel free to contact us to book a free demonstration or coffee tasting session of a granulated or fresh milk coffee machine.