View the Range Touchless Coffee Machines Touch Free Coffee Machines are now available with Innovative Touchless Technology, ensuring your office can enjoy a safe and contactless Coffee Machine experience Billi Water Dispenser Lifestyle Image Find out more Billi Taps - Instant Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling Water Meet Billi. World class drinking water taps for discerning spaces. Eco-friendly and cost effective, enjoy Chilled, Boiling and Sparkling Water - all from one under-counter water system. View The Aviano Welcome to The Aviano. Beautifully British made, enjoy deluxe touchscreen Bean to Cup Coffee in your office. View the range Smart, Sleek, Sensibly priced. Built to last and compliment any environment, our Nebraska Filtered Water Coolers merge style and functionality for your ultimate hydration solution Arrange a free trial Nebraska Classic Providing fresh filtered drinking water at work has never been simpler! The Nebraska Classic is ideal for every environment, offering a choice of cold, ambient and hot water. Find out more Workplace Matting Solutions Wellbeing Group's matting division produces and supplies reliable workplace matting from UK and worldwide sources to provide consistent quality at competitive prices. Browse our Coffee Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Enjoy your very own freshly roasted coffee, for a fraction of the high street cost. View Now Sanitising Products To keep you and your customers safe and to help you open up again, we have brought out at range of sanitising products. With a range of sanitiser stations, PPE, sanitiser wipes, sprays and gels. Supplying you with all you need. All products in stock now!

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Our recent survey revealed that 94% of our customers would be ‘Extremely Likely’ to recommend Wellbeing Group.

We are striving to make that 100%!

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Rapid Response!

From the Call-Out Service Engineers through to their Customer Service base, they respond with alacrity, just when it’s needed.

Managing Director, Aubrey Allen

Dedicated Personal Service!

Such a great company to do business with, always prompt, on time and professional. They provide an expert service in a timely manner and little fuss!

Facilities Manager, My Power

Reducing Costs!

I would say Wellbeing Group are the acme of delivering high-street, bistro style coffee machines, cost effectivity for the workplace. Thank you!”

Manager, Arrow County Supplies