Raising awareness for World Water Day

What is World Water Day?

Here at Wellbeing we are raising awareness for World Water Day, an annual event on 22nd March that aims to focus our attention on the importance of freshwater and its sustainability. Join us on this opportunity to educate ourselves more on water related issues and hopefully make a difference.

The very first World Water Day happened nearly a quarter of a century ago on 22nd March 1993 and has since achieved a great deal and let’s hope it continues to do so!

Each year there is a new theme, some of the previous ones being ‘Water and Jobs’ in 2016 and ‘Sustainable development’ in 2015. This year the theme is ‘Water and Wastewater’, aiming to get you thinking about the ways we can recycle our water.

Something to think about…

Globally over 80% of this wastewater that we as humans generate is not being treated or reused and most of the cities in developing countries do not have a system in place or the resources in order to address this issue.

This year’s campaign seeks to show people how this wastewater is in fact a valuable resource, as it is an affordable and sustainable source of water.

What can we do?

The Wellbeing team have been thinking about how we can reduce the amount of water we waste at home and of course at work, as well as spreading the message of this important day.

Are you getting involved? If you’re planning your own event we’d love to hear about it via our social media channels, just use #worldwaterday

To find out about any events in your local area, head over to the World Water Day website: worldwaterday.org/events-map