Are you a still or sparkling fan?

For many people, the thought of drinking the recommended eight cups (or two litres) of pure water per day, just doesn’t appeal.  Some tend to add artificial juice concentrates that contain refined sugars and additives which negatively impact your health.

This is why sparkling water can be a fantastically different and healthy alternative.  As with still water, sparkling offers you the same benefits such as increased energy levels, weight loss, and undoubtedly the best source of hydration to see you through the day.

It is essentially regular water – but with an exciting twist. You are drinking soda but without the sugars and chemicals! This makes a significant difference if your average liquid intake is at the recommended daily levels.

It’s therefore a great alternative for those who like fizzy drinks.  However, some argue that sparkling water tastes just plain and boring!  If this is the case, you may prefer to add a slice of lemon, some strawberries or your favourite fruit, for increased refreshment and enjoyment.

Bring that extra sparkle to your workplace

Many aren’t aware just how easy it is to make sparkling water available at work.  Wellbeing Group supply a range of water dispensers which have a sparkling water option, each to suit the various requirements of your workplace.

Desktop & Floorstanding Sparkling Water Coolers

Floor Standing Nebraska Sport Image Edit


The Nebraska Sport Water Cooler is available as a Floor Standing or Counter Top model, with sparkling configurations as follows:

  • Hot, Cold & Sparkling
  • Cold, Ambient & Sparkling

The Nebraska Sport’s compact footprint and contemporary styling allows this water dispenser to be sited in a variety of applications from reception areas to the smallest tea point. This luxurious water cooler is also suitable for high capacity usage, and easily copes with filling water bottles, pint glasses and jugs on demand.


Undercounter Sparkling Water Dispensers

Sparkling Water Tap

The Alaska Undercounter Water Dispenser is the ultimate sparkling water system. Smart and simple with its elegant contoured tap and compact under-counter unit, makes this a very discreet unit that fit into any environment seamlessly.


Sparkling Water Tap Alaska Elite

The Alaska Elite Undercounter Water Dispenser provides further capacity than the Alaska version, making this capable system the ideal solution for the hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels, conference centres etc).  Utilising branded reusable glass bottles is a very cost effective and environmentally friendly way to provide high quality still and sparkling water to guests at a fraction of the cost and impact purchased bottled waters.

Feel free to make contact with our friendly advisors on 01905 337187 should you require more advice or assistance regarding our still and sparkling water dispensers .


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