How Hot is a Billi Tap?

Billi Hot TapThe question is often asked, what temperature is the boiling water dispensed out of a Billi hot tap?

The simple answer provided by our Billi service technicians is:

The minimum temperature a Billi tap can be set at is 80°Cand maximum temperature is 98.9°C, however by default the hot tap set at 98.5°C.

Some may query the fact that this isn’t ‘boiling’ water, however it is much safer as it doesn’t spit when dispensed and is still hot enough for making hot drinks.

Do you know the optimum temperatures for tea and coffee?

Let’s start with tea, black tea needs water to be as close to 100°C As possible to brew properly, therefore the Billi Quadra and Sahara taps are the ideal solution without having to boil the kettle.  Other teas, such as herbal and fruit teas, are more delicate and require cooler temperatures otherwise they will taste too bitter. As the Billi is generally too hot for these types of tea, we recommend adding a splash of cold water onto the tea bag first in order to bring the overall temperature down.  Green tea should be steeped in water between 75-85 Degrees Celsius and the recommended time for steeping green tea is 2-3 minutes, much shorter than black tea..

Getting the right temperature for coffee is just as tricky as tea!  There are many opinions on the ultimate brewing temperature for coffee but as a guide we recommend that water should not be above 90°C for instant coffee or 60°C for filter coffee.  In order to cool the water slightly for your instant coffee, try adding the milk to the coffee first as this will bring the overall temperature down to where it should be.  If you brew coffee with boiling water it can scald the coffee which can affect the taste and leave you with a bitter after taste.

The Billi tap we would recommend to provide you with boiling and chilled water tap for your office is the Quadra range. With several Billi Quadra models available to suit offices from 20 staff to 100 staff, there is an option for everyone.

To find out the best Billi tap for your workplace, please feel free to contact one of our friendly team members.