Guide to Billi Tap Pricing

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How much does a Billi tap cost?

There are three aspects to consider when you are looking at buying a boiling hot tap for your office which are:

  • the initial outlay
  • ongoing maintenance charges
  • the daily running cost.

Let’s start with the initial outlay.  The Billi tap price range is largely between £1899 and £5000.  Various factors can influence the price such as the capacity of the Billi tap, the dispense options or a custom colour finish.

Many clients find it useful to lease the Billi tap to help spread the cost over a period of time, this can especially be a help when larger investments have already been made into an office refurbishment.  Installation costs for a Billi tap are usually just a one off providing the engineer can successfully install the equipment in one day, we can give you a price for your Billi tap installation once we are aware of the worktop material and cupboard layouts.

There isn’t a way to skip the ongoing maintenance costs of a Billi tap, if a tap isn’t maintained and Billi filters replaced, it will only be a matter of time before it breaks down resulting in expensive Billi repair costs.  It is much better to have a planned maintenance agreement in place as it gives you peace of mind that the equipment is being looked after, it’s serviced on time and much easier for you to budget for.    At Wellbeing Group we offer 3 levels of cost effective service plans for Billi taps; silver, gold and platinum.  Each plan has a different level of cover and priced accordingly.  Our Billi service engineers are equipped for quick call out response times to fix your Billi tap.

The biggest cost saver of a Billi tap compared to a kettle is the daily running cost.  Kettles use a tremendous amount of electricity by heating up cold water throughout the day, the cost of boiling a kettle of approx. 1.5litres is around 2.5p!  The Billi tap uses heat exchange technology where any head generated from the water chiller is harvested and used to help heat the hot water which saves a lot of energy.  The running cost of a Billi is around 9p per day (depending on the size of your workforce).

Any other combined hot & cold drinking water tap uses a fan to take the heat away from the chiller, this creates warm cupboards and is using extra electricity all the time the chiller is in use.  Thanks to the innovation of the Billi tap that this once wasted heat is now useable for a good cause.

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To find out exactly how much a Billi tap will cost for your office, please feel free to contact one of our team.