How to Specify a Billi Tap.

Billi Tap - Black Dual Water Dispenser

With so many options available within the range of Billi taps, we have compiled a guide to help you choose the right Billi tap for your office.


Firstly, consider what you want to achieve from the tap.  Is it only boiling water or boiling and chilled or even sparkling?


A cheat sheet below helps to quickly see the difference between the Billi model names and what they stand for:

  • Billi Quadra – boiling & chilled filtered water with different capacities available.
  • Billi Quadra Sparkling – boiling, chilled & sparkling water for up to 60 users, all from one tap
  • Billi Quadra Plus – boiling & chilled filtered water plus hot & cold to run a separate mixer tap (where mains hot water isn’t readily available).
  • Billi Quadra Plus Sparkling – boiling, chilled & sparkling water from one tap plus hot & cold to run a separate mixer tap
  • Billi Sahara – boiling & filtered water with two capacities available
  • Billi Alpine – chilled water only, sparkling option is available.


Secondly, consider how many users will be using the Billi tap. There are models to cater for up to 100 staff, but there are other factors to consider.

If there is a coffee machine at the same tea point, this will take pressure of the hot tap but if the tap is the sole appliance for hot drinks you will need to make sure you follow the user guide to ensure you always have enough hot water on demand.

In larger offices with around 100 staff or more, it is better to have multiple smaller capacity taps rather than than one tap.  The reasons behind this is that it means you have another source for hot water if one tap breaks down (this sounds negative but in reality it will happen with any brand of hot tap), it increases the speed of dispensing hot water and also helps with social distancing in the workplace to have more than one tap as staff can avoid it each more when making hot drinks.

Then look at the layout of your kitchen/tea point and look at whether you would install the tap over a sink or with it mounted on its own drip tray.  The Billi term for drip tray is referred to as a drainage font.  We recommend that you have the drainage font option as it means that the sink is kept free for those washing up and also much more hygienic.  You can put your cup onto the font whilst you dispense hot water which makes it safer than having to hold it at the same time.  The font comes with a 120 extension or riser which increases the overall height of the Billi tap to 250mm so you can fit refillable bottles under the nozzle.

There are a few tap styles too, the standard and most popular is the XL lever tap which has two levers which can dispense up to 3 types of water (you can dispense the 3rd option by pressing down both levers at the same time).  The Quadra and Sahara work well with the XL tap or the XT touch version with has a touch panel instead of the lever or the XR Remote which has a separate pad which can be located in a desired location, for example in areas to make it more accessible for wheel chair users.

The Alpine tap is a round slimline tap, like a gooseneck but XL lever tap is also compatible with the 125 version.

Once the above factors have been decided, you can then move on to the finer details such as the colour finish of the tap.  It makes a big difference to have a tap that complements the rest of the environment and can really create a WOW factor.

The Billi tap is in polished chrome as standard but there are other finishes available including:

  • Brushed Chrome Billi Tap
  • Matt Black Billi Tap
  • Matt White Billi Tap
  • Rose Gold Billi Tap
  • Gun Metal Billi Tap
  • Custom finish Billi tap to match your branding

Some of these finishes are stock items but others have a longer lead time so please contact us for up to date pricing and lead times.

There is a model of tap available to suite pretty much every office requirement.  Other products are available such as Billi booster pumps where the water pressure in the building is low and pipe extenders where the tap can’t be situated directly above the cupboard where the unit is housed.

View all our Billi Taps on our website.

If you would like to discuss a project today, please get in touch with our team who will be able to provide spec and drawings and free advice!