Water Dispensers

The benefits of a regular fluid intake are now well documented, so it’s essential that we make it attractive to drink more water by providing easy access to filtered and chilled water dispensers Our stylish range of water coolers expertly dispense refreshing drinking water that will revive, replenish and revitalize your organisation

Water Dispensers for Lease, Rental or Purchase

Wellbeing Group can offer our water dispensers on rental, lease or purchase options. Contact us today for a no-obligation free 14-day trial and see how Wellbeing can benefit your employees and business.

Filtered Water Coolers

A filtered water cooler can be easily plumbed into your existing supply. With a range of choices available from cold or ambient, still or sparkling.

Direct Chill Water Coolers

Direct-chill technology offers a more hygienic and higher capacity solution for areas such as healthcare, education and busy public relations.

Bottled Water Coolers

Keep your organisation healthy and hydrated with our bottle fed water coolers, ideal where a water mains supply is not accessible.

Drinking Water Fountains

When a high volume of water is required in constant supply, water fountains are the perfect option. In active environments such as schools.

High Capacity Water Dispensers

When a high capacity of water maybe required on demand. Providing the ability to bottle water for your hotel or restaurant.

Billi Taps - Instant Boiling & Chilled

Unbeatable in energy and space efficiency, Billi undercounter systems offer the greenest, most reliable boiling & chilled drinking water tap solution.

Hot Water Boilers

Water boilers are a simple, cost effective solution to provide your workforce with a steady supply of hot water for their tea and coffee breaks.

Water Dispensers Accessories

Wellbeing Group supply a wide selection of water cooler accessories. Filters are changed and all inclusive, with our rental water cooler options.

Zip Taps - Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling

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Sparkling Water Coolers

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Touchless Water Dispensers

Touch Free Water Dispensers are now available with Innovative Touchless Technology, ensuring your office can enjoy a safe and contactless drinking...Read more