You need to know this before buying your office coffee machine.

There are so many office coffee machines on the market these days that it’s a job to know which one to choose and it’s an investment that you need to get right first time or it becomes an expensive business. You need to start by looking at which option is going to be most suitable for your requirements. Each machine has its place in the market as the coffee machine could be designed for a kitchenette, a break out facility, an office tea point, a meeting room or a staff collaboration area.

We have composed a simple guide to help you choose the best coffee maker for your workplace which highlights the key features of each type of machine.

There are three main types of coffee machine that you will come across; coffee pod systems, filter coffee makers and office bean to cup coffee machines.

Let’s start with a coffee pod system such as the Flavia Drinks Station :The C400 and C500 machine require minimal maintenance and making the drink is as simple as selecting your beverage of choice then inserting the freshly pre-packaged ingredients into the front of the machine.


Great variety of hot drink options with this machine, like a table top coffee shop! Choose from a selection of fresh ground coffees, real leaf teas, flavoured and herbal teas and hot chocolate.

This coffee machine is ideal for small offices or meeting rooms with irregular use, it’s extremely quiet and you can walk away from it at the end of your meeting without having to rinse out any machine milk pipes.

The cost per cup is more than filter coffee so it would soon add up if you were wanting a coffee machine for more than 10 staff, although this is actually capable for producing enough drinks for an office with 50 staff.

Filter Coffee Machines


This is a very traditional way of brewing coffee, very common in the domestic kitchen as it is cheap, quick and simple to use.

A machine such as the Romeno Filter Brewer can produce coffee at quite a rate and can be stored and served from thermos flasks making it ideal for meetings where often large amounts of people need to be served in a short space of time.

To operate the machine, you add an amount of ground Arabica coffee into the paper filter, the hot water then passes through the coffee and into the decanter below.

They require very little maintenance, usually only involves removing the waste coffee grounds and cleaning the coffee decanters after use.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Aviano Bean to Cup Machine

This is the more tricky option to get right as there a many machines with different capacities and designed for different environments.

Bean to cup coffee is the real buzz word and why shouldn’t it be as it produces most coffee shop drinks at the touch of a button? You will be surprised at how little each cup costs too!

These machines require more maintenance, the daily routine would be topping up the ingredient canisters, emptying the drip tray and coffee grouts bin, some machines have mixing bowls which should be flushed through daily.

For the smaller office or café, the Arezzo is a great machine, it has 7 drink preselection’s including espresso, Americano, latte, cappuccino, chocolate, mocha and hot water (you may find this hot water isn’t quite hot enough for tea). This machine can be manual fill or plumbed in which is a useful option where a mains water feed isn’t possible.

The Aviano range has several options, the Dual option includes real leaf PG Tips tea! It has a smart touch screen which is easy to wipe clean and larger drip tray and coffee puck bin than the Arezzo model.

If you have between 50 -100 staff the Aviano Maxi would be a good option as it has the same size canisters as a floor standing vending machine (that’s incredible) which saves you topping it up too often, a waste kit is available for the ground coffee to fall through the worktop into a large container and the liquid waste can also be attached to the mains waste.

Still not sure?

If you are still bewildered by the amount of options, please feel free to get in touch by email or phone one of our friendly team to discuss your requirements.

We also have machines set up in our coffee showroom in Worcester which you can make an appointment to visit or we can bring along a machine to your office for a demo and coffee tasting session!

I hope you have found this helpful and would value any feedback from experience you have with your coffee machine. A few other tips can be found if you click HERE

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