Top 6 Touchless Coffee Machines for your Office

Touch Free Coffee Machine Innovations

There are a few aspects to consider when looking for a coffee machine that you can select your drink without touching the actual machine itself.  Some machines allow the coffee machine to connect to an app on your phone so you can order your drinks without touching the machine and others have special touch screen technology where you can select your drink from 2cms away from the screen!

The downside to using a coffee machine with an app on your phone is that it takes longer to make a drink by the time you get your phone out, open the app and make your selection and after all you still have to be by the machine to put your cup in place.  Our touchless technology is much more convenient as you don’t need your phone and can be retro fitted to some models of coffee machines.

Honest Reviews of Commercial Touch Free Coffee Machines

#1 Aviano Bean to Cup Coffee machine:
  • Touchless technology and app available
  • With a massive variety of drinks this machine has brand new technology which incorporates Distance Selection technology in to its screen, allowing users to choose their drink without having to physically touch the machine.
  • Much quicker than using an app on your phone, although there is an app available if the user prefers.
  • Low cost per cup and average initial outlay.

How does Distance Selection technology work?

 Distance Selection coffee machines are designed so employees can access their refreshments without touching the machine.  The hands-free selection technology removes the requirement to physically touch the screen and which reduces the risk of the users spreading any kind of contamination.  You can make your drink selection by hovering your finger over the screen, up to 2 centimetres away, so it’s entirely contactless.

We are helping companies make their offices COVID-19-secure and ensure that employees can still access hot drinks without any contact between users.

#2 Aviano Instant Coffee Machine:
  • Touchless technology and app available
  • Very fast dispense speed, ideal for scenarios where offices are using standard instant coffee and hot water as it removes a lot of touch points.
  • Low cost per cup and low initial outlay.
#3 Jura Giga X8 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine:
  • J.O.E App available to connect phone to coffee machine via smart connect Bluetooth connection
  • Coffee shop quality, fresh milk drinks
  • Low cost per cup and average initial outlay.
  • Two grinders allowing choice of two types of coffee, one of which is usually a decaf coffee.
#4 Scanomat TopBrewer Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
  • TopBrewer app available allowing consumer to order drinks from their phones
  • State of the art sleek design
  • Saves worktop space
  • Average cost per cup and very high initial outlay.
#5 Jura JX8 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
  • Coffee shop quality, fresh milk drinks
  • One grinder and manual fill 5L water tank.
  • Low cost per cup and low initial outlay.
  • Ideal for smaller offices or to increase the amount of gathering areas in an office to help keep employees spread out.
#6 Arezzo Bean to cup Coffee machine
  • The idea of having several smaller coffee machines in an office instead of one larger machine is an interesting way to help with social distancing by reducing the amount of users per tea point.
  • This smaller bean to cup coffee machine called the Arezzo which is becoming increasingly popular for this very matter as it can be plumbed into the mains or manually filled with a 4L water tank.
  • Has a great selection of drinks and whilst it doesn’t have a touch free screen, there is an app becoming available which will allow drinks to be ordered from your phone.
  • The cost per cup of this machine is low and so is the initial outlay.

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