Touchless Coffee Machine Range with Contactless Technology


touch free coffee machine

Wellbeing Group are pleased to introduce our innovative touchless coffee machine range. These contactless coffee machines minimise the risk of spreading viruses in the canteen areas of your workplace, meaning those of us that are worried about missing out on our treasured hot drinks, need not fear!  

With the possibility of hundreds of consumers touching coffee and vending machines every day, concern about the safety and hygiene of vending and coffee machines has been elevated by the Covid-19 pandemic, with mechanical push-buttons or touch-screen panels joining the list of potential transmission points for germs if they are not adequately cleaned.

Our touch free coffee machine options are an answer to everyone’s worries, and are available with two different types of contactless technology:


WellTouch Distance Selection Technology

The newly developed ‘WellTouch’ technology allows consumers to select products from a 2cm distance. This Software innovation adds safety and hygiene to the coffee making process. Most importantly, this machine provides a peace of mind for everyone, allowing the consumer to choose their hot drink without actually having to touch the screen or pressing any buttons.

This Touchless Coffee Machine technology is available across all our Aviano Coffee Machine Ranges, and is also available as an upgrade on compatible existing machines in the workplace.


Jura j.o.e touchless coffee machine app operated

Contactless J.O.E® App (Jura Operating Experience)

The JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.®)* brings all the functions of JURA coffee machines to your smartphone or even your Apple Watch. You can call your favourite speciality ­coffees whatever you like and assign an image of your choice. Use the scroll bar to adapt the settings to suit your personal taste.

With J.O.E.®, you have your personal product settings to hand any time, anywhere. J.O.E.® keeps you informed of current status messages and lets you know, for example, when you need to top up the water or coffee beans.

* J.O.E.® is compatible with all JURA coffee machines equipped with the Smart Connect software.


contactless and touch free coffee machine icon

Touchless Coffee Icon

To make it easier for you to find the contactless coffee machines amongst our range, we have added a touchless icon to all compatible machines on our website.  

Look out for out Touchless Technology Icon to Go Contactless today!

Please feel free to contact the team and we will be happy to help with any questions or enquires.


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